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"Home", single from upcoming album "In Bloom"

Single from the album In Bloom

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In Bloom (2015)

This is the one, the one album everyones been waiting for. And now it's finally here. The full-length album from Lava Engine with 9 soaring tracks.

  • Home
  • All Here In Bloom
  • The Commander
  • God: Speed
  • And Silence Rules
  • The Movement
  • Elegant Machinery
  • Juggernaut
  • Gold Dust

In Limbo (2012)

"It is very much like trying to describe the happy/sad feeling I get when watching the sun set over Lake Huron or when fall approaches and we watch the leaves change color showing such beauty but meaning that winter is near. We all have those melancholy times sooner or later and now Lava Engine has given us a soundtrack just for those moments."

Scott Ward, Review for Sea of Tranquility

Available on iTunes Store

  • Drain Your Soul
  • In Limbo
  • Common Ground
  • Ctrl Z
  • Windows Closed
In Bloom album cover

Lava Engine (2008)

The debut EP release back in 2008, critically aclaimed and also sold out a long time ago. Available on iTunes Store and similar services though!

  • Interiors
  • Heroes
  • The Kill
  • Blood
Lava Engine debut album cover